Today’s Recipe: How to Make a Homemade ISIS State (or the ISIS Delusion)

  • Start with a country like the United States
  • Take racism and intolerance and make it 100 times stronger
  • Completely annihilate tourism, as no outsider wants to go there
Admin Clerk

Don’t be fooled by the looks, and the gun, I’m just an admin clerk

  • Remove 95% of any possibility of free media, foreign journalism or foreign relations
    • exceptions for foreign relations: hostage negotiations and oil sales
    • exceptions for foreign media: journalists willing to risk almost certain death
  • Remove the navy and the Airforce
  • Remove peacetime 365/days per year
  • Remove most freedoms, and restrict the few remaining ones
  • Make corruption 1000 worse
  • Remove the 1% rich owning 99% concept. It doesn’t exist, the state owns everything
  • Remove Hollywood
  • Remove innovative thinking, industrial and technological innovation for the past several generations
  • Besides tourism, also wipe out most other industries completely
  • Remove any possibility of foreign investment, with some exclusions
    • exceptions are for illegal funding from unknown sources
  • Make capital punishment the maximum penalty for every crime
  • Now swap the maximum sentence with the minimum sentence for every crime
  • Remove the concept of police brutality, by making brutality the standard police use of force option
  • Season generously with miscarriage of justice
  • Add a hint of mental illness, preferably sadism, but alternative ingredients such as violent fanaticism would do, to the top political leadership all the way to the lowest civil and military ranks
  • Finally, sprinkle enough delusion to make the whole thing taste deliciously functional!

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