Should We Blame China for Not Supporting The Syrian Revolution?

Representatives of China and Russia veto the resolution condemning the Syrian government. Source: Google Images.

Representatives of China and Russia veto the resolution condemning the Syrian government. Source: Google Images.

There is no right or wrong here. Every nation has always been and will always keep protecting their own interests. Just like China and Russia forge alliances that work in their interests, any other nation does the same. There is a covert war going on between nations that we may not know of, and the Chinese rhetoric about Syria is only part of it.

It’s in the West’s best interest to start engaging China and avoid confrontational behavior. It’s time to realize that a relationship with China and the way we deal with it must be different from that in which we deal with other nations because of its differences in culture, history, and current economy and demographics. Once we all start engaging them differently we may start seeing some positive results.

Let’s not be fooled into thinking there’s good and evil when looking at all the external parties (other nations) involved in this conflict. Every nation acts first of all in the best interest of its governing elite, then in the best interest of its people, then that of its allies. What you may perceive as good or evil only depends on your own affiliations, or in other words where you’re standing.

The Chinese are asking us to show them the money. In other words, for a nation with a very troubling human rights record, why would they ever raise a finger to help the “good people” revolting against a regime? That actually goes against their own way of governing… you can’t expect the Chinese to just “help out”.

They will keep using their veto… and you can’t force them either, so you just have to either convince the Chinese (and the Russians) to provide support, and they would only change their mind if it’s in their own benefit. Russia, with its questionable elections and China, with its Iron Fist rule and oppression of any opposition, will see no potential benefit in providing support. It’s quite the contrary, they are scared of the whole “Arab spring” and are working aggressively with their secret police and propaganda machines in order to contain any threats. Just look at what’s been happening in Russian and Chinese territories for the past year.

Or else the West could go in and take action with the rest of the world, which is what the West is seeking right now. They (with the United States’ leadership) are seeking the approval of Arab nations to make things look legit, so that they can intervene.

Where do you stand?


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